Bridging the Gaps: Science, Impacts & Policy

The research program at the CCI has four main research themes which involve recent and projected climate variability and change, climate change detection and attribution, modelling of climate change impacts and impact reduction; and using downscaling and disaggregation modelling techniques to enable local impact assessments, adaptation and mitigation planning.

Check out some of the ongoing climate change research at the CCI 

– Analysis of the effect of projected changes on sea surface temperature on rainfall and rainfall intensity in Trinidad
– Exploring green infrastructure solutions using modelling to flooding in Trinidad

Take a look at recent projects and activities the CCI has engaged in

– Development of rainfall projections to inform a flood and landslide risk assessment
– Development of rainfall projections to inform groundwater recharge projections in a SIDS
– Review and updating of the Nationally Determined Contributions for a SIDS

Research Themes